What could be included in an Engineer’s job description?

  • Oversee installation and repair of marine apparatus and equipment.
  • Investigate and observe tests on machinery and equipment for compliance with standards.
  • Maintain and coordinate repair of machinery equipment.
  • Review and compare work requests in order to ensure that costs are economically sound.
  • Prepare technical reports to be used by the engineering, management, or sales departments.
  • Together with the captain & manager ensure that schedules and budgets are maintained, and that ships are operated safely and efficiently.
  • Check, test, and maintain automatic controls and alarm systems.
  • Maintain records of engineering department activities.
  • Perform monitoring activities in order to ensure that ships comply with international regulations and standards for life saving equipment and pollution preventatives.
  • Schedule machine overhauls for yard periods.
  • Servicing of electrical, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, water, and sewage systems.
  • Supervise & train other engineers and crewmembers for routine and
    emergency duties.

How can we at 7 East Yachts support you?

7 East Yachts Management “à la carte”;
Together with the Owner and Captain, you would choose the support needed.
As Managers, we will listen and take your knowledge and experience as an Engineer into consideration.