To become a successful Captain or Chief Officer involves so much more than just manoeuvring the vessel and having the right qualifications.
Your responsibilities on board a yacht are more likely to be viewed as being in charge of a small, medium or large business operation.

You have already reached the level of yacht qualifications needed or desired; Master 200gt, Chief Mate, Master 500gt, Master 3000gt or unlimited commercial.

What skills is an owner looking for in a good leader?

  • Calm and charismatic personality
  • Ability to remain calm under stressful situations and in emergencies
  • Organised
  • Good financial management and accounting knowledge
  • Excellent navigation and boat handling skills
  • Personnel management
  • Negotiation on the owners’ behalf
  • Safety conscious at all times

How can we at 7 East Yachts support you?
7 East Yachts Management “à la carte”;
You and your owner choose the support needed.
There is no need to have a second ‘captain’ involved in the operation. As Managers, we will listen and take your knowledge and experience as a Captain into consideration.