Luxury Yacht Charters

Choosing a luxury yacht to charter for your holiday, event or special occasion is difficult due to the immense choice of yachts now available for charter. You may need a special atmosphere for an important business meeting; or a yacht that is comfortable and relaxing for the family holiday; or party facilities for a special celebration. The 7 East team can put together a selected range of yachts for your interest.

By taking a look at our selection, we hope it will help you to decide what are the important criteria for your charter; from your criteria we can guide you to make the right choice. Simply contact us and let us do the work on your behalf. 7 East, a client’s consultancy acting on your behalf to find the right yacht for your needs. What ever your dream and achievements’ might be for your very special holiday and time on board a luxury yacht we are there to assist you; Golf weekend, Spa weekend or the thrill being dropped on the top of a mountain.

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Sport and
You are looking for an active holiday. More then a day on the beach will bore you and you are constantly searching for a new achievement. You will be the story teller amongst friends once back home.

Cruise & Relax
If the cruise you have always wanted has to be both fun and regenerating at the same time, we will guide you through a selection of total relaxation in a magnificent scenery. The aim is to feel pampered and indulge on your taste for relaxation in total luxury.

Discover & Explore
To have to discover the unknown like Robinson Cruise or to have the opportunity to enjoy the untouched. Discover and explore without leaving a stone unturned.

Live & Dream
You will not only have the one wish. Every day will be a new unforgettable experience. You can come a long way with a dream, but to live your dream is only for a handful. Start tick of the boxes on your wish list and find yourself onboard a vessel with an amazing history..….